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Miami Integrated Video Marketing

Integrated marketing is a marketing strategy aimed at unifying all types of marketing methods, such as mass marketing; direct marketing and social media marketing. The goal of integrated marketing is for all methods to complement and reinforce each other.

Trueba Media is a large Miami Video Agency that business owners use when needing new marketing materials and campaigns. Trueba media uses the following concepts when creating integrated marketing campaigns for their customers:

• Integrated marketing starts with customers. This means Trueba makes sure to put all companies and businesses customers at the forefront of the campaign. Customers will buy your products and services, and for this reason all material should be user friendly, unique and interesting.

• Trueba Media ensures that all of our integrated marketing campaigns and video production projects emphasize customer’s process. When a customer clicks on an email, lands on your home page or calls your company you’ll want to ensure that the process is easy and smooth for the customer.

• All components of the integrated marketing plan are just as important as others. We focus on ensuring that social media, branding strategies and marketing plans are focused on. All components of the plan are integral for the success of the business, and we will make sure they are all treated with professionalism and dedication.

• We communicate throughout the entire process, and will ensure that you’re happy with our decisions as we make them. By keeping you a part of the planning process we ensure that we are all on the same page and all have the same big idea.

Integrated marketing is about combining sales, marketing and service together. Your customers will notice that importance that you place on all three of these components.