Miami Consumer Research Services

Do you want to know what people are saying about your business? Trueba Media has the ability to speak directly to your customers and make a comprehensive report about the findings. While we are video production professionals, we are also skilled in the area of consumer research. Consumer research marketing is the basically figuring out why the customer acts the way they do. Don’t you want to know why some products and services sell, and others do not?

Social Media Video Marketing

There are a few steps that Trueba Media employs when conducting a social research project.

• Define your business’ problems and goals. For example, not enough website visitors who click past the first page. Why aren’t your customers engaged enough in your site to keep going further? Why don’t they want to purchase anything from your site?

• Choose your audience. We may have to interview many different types of customers from different demographics. We want to know why younger customers aren’t staying on your site, or why older customers feel disengaged from your business.

• Based on the answers of questions we will then create new marketing strategies aimed to change the problem. We may decide that using social media marketing, search engine marketing and other digital strategies is the best way to engage younger customers. If so, you’ll need to know that we will work with you to create the change, and that you’re input as a business owner matters greatly to the process.

• Always use a professional graphic designer, copywriter and video production firm when implementing new strategies. We have experience in working on these projects and know how to use social research to fix any problems your business may have.

Social research is a great way to speak directly to your customers to make positive changes. Customers often great ideas about business changes, and they can help to you to become even more successful.

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