Miami Brand Optimization Company

Search marketing is a great tool for businesses to increase their traffic and customer base. Video search engine marketing is the process of tagging and optimizing videos for customers that are looking for your services. We at Trueba Media can help your business get “found” on the large World Wide Web. We can both create videos and optimize already existing video.

By using our video production professionals, your business is likely to achieve many benefits. These benefits are:

Increasing Exposure and Brand Recognition Through SEO

• Increasing your chances of getting a top search ranking in Google
• By getting your video onto YouTube you’re likely to increase the reach of your business, as YouTube views exceed up to 2 million views a day.
• More than 70% of online customers watch videos at least once a day.
• You’re easily able to target visitors who are looking for your business, service or product
• A properly optimized online video helps your consumers find you quickly and easily
• You can increase your website’s SEO rankings by adding targeting keywords. Keywords can be changed often, which means you can keep your customers intrigued and interested in what you keep posting.
• SEO targeted videos helps to increase branding customer loyalty.

Our video production professionals in Miami start a relationship with a customer by providing a consultation. We will go over how to formulate your video SEO strategy. After we have identified what your goals are, we will start to do keyword research, create the videos and tag the video. We tag the video by putting the keywords in the titles, descriptions, and channel descriptions and within the video itself.

We offer a variety of different packaging and pricing options, and all businesses are able to find something in their price range. Our video production artists would love to help you create SEO targeted video. Email or call us today for a consultation or quote.